Muting Strings on Guitar

This page covers the techniques for muting strings, and when to use each one.

Muting With the Pick

Use your guitar pick to mute the string when you’re going to play another note on the same string. This means your next note will be a ‘rest stroke’ since the pick is already resting against the string.

Muting With the Side of Your Right Hand

You can mute the strings with the side of your hand when you want to create a silence of pause. This also works well when you want to mute several strings at once.

Muting With Your Thumb Above the Pick

You can mute the strings with your thumb when you are about to move to a higher string.

Muting With Your Right-Hand Fingers

You can mute the strings with the fingers of your right hand when you are moving to a lower string.


Muting Strings

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