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Conditioning Steps and Play-Alongs for Guitar, Bass and Piano

Conditioning Steps for Guitar

Beginners Play-Alongs For Guitar

Conditioning Steps for Bass Guitar

Beginners Play-Alongs For Bass Guitar

Conditioning Steps for Piano

Beginners Play-Alongs For Piano

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Paco de Lucia

Paco de Lucia with Al Di Meola - Mediterranian Sundance

Paco de Lucia Talks About Improvising

Paco and John McLaughlin perform and discuss improvising

Almoraima (Bulerias) 1976 UK Live TV Performance

The Great Studio Cliques

The Wrecking Crew - Official Trailer

Interview with Denny Tedesco - Producer of The Wrecking Crew

Brian Wilson Discusses Working with the Wrecking Crew

Excerpts from Session Men featuring Glen Campbell

More Excerpts from Session Men

Progressive Rock Groups

Jon Anderson of Yes describes how they composed songs by taping their improvisations.
29:23 “So we taped that …”
30:33 “I wrote those lyrics right that moment, there on the cassette. It was like a spontaneous combustion of energy …”
34:14 “We actually did about three days of just playing ideas, then we started editing the ideas together.”

The Hammond Organ

NPR Tiny Desk Concert with Booker T Jones incl. Green Onions
"Well, this is absolutely the coolest thing we've ever done from behind this desk ..."

Hammond Organ History

How To Operate an Original B3

Indian Classical Music and Hindustani Slide

Ravi Shankar with Yehudi Menuhin

Hindustani Slide Guitar - Debashish Bhattacharya: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Additional Videos

@ 2:10 Soliari describing Mozart: "Displace one note, and there would be diminishment ..."

Braille Music For the Blind

Jon Anderson interviewed by Alec Baldwin
Jon Anderson describes the creative process, including the important role that recording (taping) plays in the process of rock composition.

Prog Rock Family Tree Documentary - Featuring Yes

Early Chicago - Concert from 1970