Greg’s First Live Show With a New Band

From 2015. This was the first song of Are We Them’s debut gig. ‘Are We Them’ was a tribute to REM. I’m was on bass. We’re playing at the Concert Pub North. We played one other gig there, and two at the House of Blues here in Houston before going our separate ways. The other guys were all in other bands. It was a side project for everyone.

I joined them because I wanted to play a little, but not necessarily play out. I didn’t think they would actually book any gigs. I just liked to get out of the house and jam on REM for a couple of hours Sunday afternoons, when they rehearsed.

I underestimated how complicated some of Mike Mills’ bass parts are. I think Mills used a pick. I played everything fingerstyle, except ‘Radio Free Europe,’ and ‘End of the World.’

The audiences were always great. Fun little project … more to come.

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself …

Greg V performing with Fuzzy Side Up

There are at least two other working bands in the U.S. named “Fuzzy Side Up.” There are two different FSUs with videos on Youtube. One is FSU here in Houston. They’ve been around for more than 15 years. I played with them for 11 years, from 2002 to 2013. The other is in Pennsylvania.

After I left, I produced several videos of FSU Houston with Jeff Ferrier on guitar. So most “Fuzzy Side Up” videos on Youtube aren’t me. I think these are the only ones left — for the moment.

There used to be more videos of us posted. Several really good ones have been removed, for reasons unknown. I have a lot of video unedited. One of my ongoing projects is to get some of those shows edited and posted. By an unexpected turn of events, I’m playing with FSU again, for a little while at least.

Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz cover

I’m A Man – Spencer Davis and Chicago cover

Listen To The Music – Doobie Bros cover

I’m shooting looks at Frank (on drums) because he’s speeding up, but he never looks over at me. This one was taken by the good folks at the Houston Press. The Houston Press is out of print now, but they are still alive and well online. Check them out.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen cover

I like the part I created for “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” The strummng in the first half follows Brian May’s part. From the second verse on, my part is a lot busier than May’s, including the solo and outro. May’s original part is tasteful, but sparse — too sparse for a live arrangement. I think my lead fills add to the energy overall. I don’t think it walks on James.

I’ve Got A Line On You Babe – Spirit cover

Respect Yourself

Groovin – Rascals cover

Listen To the Music – another take

Baby Baby


Below is a fragment from Dan’s birthday party. (A take of ‘Tiny Dancer’ is also floating around out there somewhere.)