Hugh Masekela 1939 – 2018

South African jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela, hailed as “the father of South African music,” passed away January 23rd at the age of 78.

Many in America first learned of Masekela when he joined Paul Simon’s Graceland tour. He also arranged music for the broadway play Safafina! He recorded more than 30 albums between 1963 and 2016.

His instrumental single Grazing in the Grass charted at number 1 in America in 1968. Here in Houston, Grazing in the Grass has been the theme for Randy Lemmon’s Saturday garden for years.

My favorite Hugh Masekela track, the title track from his 1989 album, Uptownship.


Performing Bring Him Back Home with Paul Simon at the African Concert

… Seems like only yesterday. The giants are leaving us one by one.