Funniest Show Ever Made for TV

The series Made In Canada is my vote for the funniest TV series ever made, though it may be a tie with John Cleese's Fawlty Towers.

Okay, this show isn't for everyone. It's about a Canadian production company that makes movies and TV shows. It gives a behind the scenes look at the egos, the hype, the back-stabbing office politics, the boardrooms, and the sets. It's well-written, acted, shot, and edited. (Yes, there's comedy in editing if you do it right.) It may be the most realistic sit-com ever made. The characters and situations are completely believable. The plots are a little complicated, but coherent and to the point with just the right amount of physical comedy, and no loose ends.

Made in the nineties, a lot of references probably wont make sense to people twenty years from now. It ain't all that kid-friendly, but kids probably wont like it anyhow. It ran for 6 seasons. Only season 1 was ever released on DVD.

The first season and a few other episodes are on Youtube at the time of this writing. The 1st, 4th and 6th episodes are especially good.

Season one is great, but season two is the best in my opinion. The episodes NAPTE, Girls Night Out, Damacles Directs, Connect the Dots, and Buy the Book are hilarious! (I don't use exclamation points very often.)

The entire series is on Amazon.

Here is the first part of episode 4. Check out 1 and 3 for the back story.

"I Think That Went Well ..."

I'll feature more of these later just to remind you.

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