Greg’s First Live Show With a New Band

From 2015. This was the first song of Are We Them’s debut gig. ‘Are We Them’ was a tribute to REM. I’m was on bass. We’re playing at the Concert Pub North. We played one other gig there, and two at the House of Blues here in Houston before going our separate ways. The other guys were all in other bands. It was a side project for everyone.

I joined them because I wanted to play a little, but not necessarily play out. I didn’t think they would actually book any gigs. I just liked to get out of the house and jam on REM for a couple of hours Sunday afternoons, when they rehearsed.

I underestimated how complicated some of Mike Mills’ bass parts are. I think Mills used a pick. I played everything fingerstyle, except ‘Radio Free Europe,’ and ‘End of the World.’

The audiences were always great. Fun little project … more to come.

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