Titles in ‘Quotes’ Instead of Italics

I feel like channeling William Safire for a minute. The other day, I noticed a CNN article where song titles were placed in quotation marks. Traditionally, it’s proper style to write the titles of songs, books or movies in italics. I never liked this convention because it decreases readability. ‘Readability’ isn’t a matter of opinion, it’s scientifically measurable.

Italics look okay on paper, but they’re harder to read on screens, especially phones. Bolding italics is distracting and still less readable. Hats off to CNN for adopting this common sense practice.

I’m going to start putting titles in quotes instead of italics in my blog posts. If it’s good enough for CNN, it’s good enough for me. I write titles all the time here. So I’ll reserve italics for emphasis and, I suppose, bold italics as a sort of ‘nuclear option.



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