Lessons On Skype, WhatsApp, Etc.

Live Guitar Lessons On Skype & Other Platforms
$60 for a 1 Hour Session
Scheduled Individually
Includes Tabs, Practice Tracks, Videos, etc.

Learn to play the music you love

• Visual, play-by-ear approach
• No note reading required
• No demands, no guilt-trips, no obligation
• Play in real time with real music
• Styles: Classic Rock, Blues, Texas Country, Smooth Jazz, Reggae, World Beat
• Just 45 minutes practice recommended per week
• Use my guided practice videos - just follow along

You can play along with the music you love. Your ability to play with real music is the true measure of your ability as a player.

I’ve been a professional musician and teacher for more than 20 years. I’ve played two thousand live gigs, and I’ve taught thousands of lessons in my career.

My goal is for my students to be capable, confident, and musically ‘street-wise.’ My methods are different from most other teachers. I use a shape-based, play-by-ear approach to teaching guitar, bass and keyboards. Playing with tracks and songs is our main activity.

My approach is conditioning-based. As a teacher, I am focused on how the guitar feels. You’ll never get the sound if you want if you’re physically uncomfortable. I can tell by watching you whether the feeling is right. If the feeling isn’t right, I have a conditioning-based solution.

Valuable practice tools available nowhere else

My play-along practice videos and audio tracks are just like any other workout video - you just keep up with the action until the end of the video.  Practice routines are based on real guitar parts from hit songs.

My students never say, “I don’t know what to practice.”  With hundreds of guided practice routines on chords, scales, picking … you’re never stuck in a rut.

My schedule is flexible, but spaces are limited. (If my schedule is full, I can set you up with online teachers I know personally and have worked with for years.)

• I can help you reach your musical goals.

• I tailor my approach to match the learning style of each student.

• You wont be bombarded with information that
seems to have no purpose. I don’t push “Learning For Learning’s Sake.”

• Take lessons only as many lessons as you want. There’s never an obligation to take another lesson. I wont contact you unless you specifically ask me to. You can book lessons up to four months in advance.

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Book Your Online Lesson

You can book your video conference lesson right now. I can use Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts, or another platform. Use the contact form to set up a free lesson. You will be asked to provide an email address. In the message section, please tell me your preferred lesson times. Also, please tell me what time zone you live in.


High speed internet connection
Skype or other video chat software
Guitar, ability to tune
Dropbox account is optional