Tommy Lewis – A Musical Tribute

A good friend and colleague, Tommy Lewis, passed away yesterday at age 49. Tommy was guitarist and singer for Fuzzy Side Up. From years of working alongside Tommy, he earned my admiration and respect.

I played a lot of great sets with Tommy, him on guitar and me on bass. He pulled a lot of weight on stage, impressing audiences with his technical abilities, and through the raw energy he projected. As a guitarist and singer, Tommy was a true 'double-threat.' The tracks below, recorded at Vaders in 2004, attest to his abilities.

Drops Of Jupiter - Fuzzy Side Up Live at Vaders


The House Is Rockin' - Fuzzy Side Up Live at Vaders


This Is How You Remind Me - Fuzzy Side Up Live at Vaders


In 2017, Tommy recorded on two tracks for local singer-songwriter Bill Cabrera. Those tracks will be available soon.


Fuzzy Side Up - Drops Jupiter

Fuzzy Side Up - The House Was Rockin

Fuzzy Side Up - This Is How You Remind Me



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