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Click Here For Addional Online ContentGet The Most Out Of Music Lessons is the new book from musician and writer Greg Varhaug. It's available at Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle edition.
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You don't even have to buy the book! Click on this link for online content, including beginners' conditioning steps for guitar, piano and bass with videos and play-along tracks. Musicians interviews with valuable insights for music students who want to learn to play in modern styles. All free, no logon, no ads.

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Articles and Useful Information - Finding the right guitar, make your guitar easier to play, chord and scale diagrams, lots more.

Great Musicians & Performances - Some of the best performances on Youtube.

Historic Music Videos - Performances and documentaries.

Bands & Musicians - A source of inspiration for regular folks who  want to make music. Indie artists, and cover bands just making a living, and living the musical life.

Easy Songs for Guitar Piano and Bass - With chord progressions

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Spotify Playlists

KNUS 98.7 FM DALLAS - Covering 1968 to 1973

KZEW 98 FM DALLAS - Covering 1973 to 1979

KERA 90.1 FM DALLAS - Eclectic mix through 1995

KDGE 94.5 FM DALLAS - Covering the mid 1980s through the early 1990s

YouTube Playlists

HoustonGuitar's Youtube Channel

Greatest Keyboard Songs - Part 1

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