July 13, 2020

Classic Guitar Melody Songs

Rumble – Link Wray 1958

Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O Brian Setzer (Start at 1:00, sorry about the messed-up aspect ratio on this video. You still get the idea.)

Hawaii Five-O Original CBS TV Theme

Walk Don’t Run Slow w/ Tabs

Walk Don’t Run – Ventures

Walk Don’t Run – Herb Alpert (Yes, ‘Alpert’)

Lonely Girl – Ventures (One of my favorite singles in the world. What I was listening to when I was three years old.)

Diamond Head – Venture (B side of Lonely Girl)

Rock Music Appreciation

Whiter Shade of Pale on Hammond Organ (The vocal on the original song is pointless. In this song, no one cares about the singing. The organ part is all anyone hears. See for yourself, it’s not a very difficult part. This is also a better quality recording.)

Dr John & Jools Holland – “Boogie Woogie Twins” (Dr John is the big guy)

Yes – Starship Trooper (1971 The Yes Album is certified platinum, meaning it has sold more than one million copies. Live versions of the song probably account for another quarter million copies. You should hear this through your best speakers or headphones.)