Royce Guitar Practice


Hello Royce. I found a video demo of your 15 watt Line 6 Spider III, hosted by a furry, freaky Brit. I haven’t reviewed it, but I will. It looks like he breaks down all the features. Greg’s rule of thumb for tone at medium to loud volume: Bass 2.5, Mid 3.5, High 5. Most people overdo it with the tone controls. Hope you’re looking at the practice videos. I’ll have tabs and documentation, and more videos soon.

Classic Guitar Melody Songs

Rumble – Link Wray 1958

Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O Brian Setzer (Start at 1:00, sorry about the messed-up aspect ratio on this video. You still get the idea.)

Hawaii Five-O Original CBS TV Theme

Walk Don’t Run Slow w/ Tabs

Walk Don’t Run – Ventures

Walk Don’t Run – Herb Alpert (Yes, ‘Alpert’)

Lonely Girl – Ventures (One of my favorite singles in the world)

Diamond Head – Venture (B side of Lonely Girl)

Whiter Shade of Pale on Hammond Organ

Dr John & Jools Holland – “Boogie Woogie Twins” (Dr John is the big guy)

Classical Music Humor – Funny Piano Duet 39:00 Phonetic Punctuation,


** Pass: 123

2nd String Open/Fret Warmups

Open Scale Patterns Part 1

Open Scale Patterns Part 2

Alternating Open 3 Strum – Part 1

Open Chord Melody – Part 1